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2D Design

The projects on this page include branding, wayfinding, graphic design, and print.

CCH&E Brand Book and Website Design

A brand and website created for Chesler Hospitality Consulting & Events - a NYC based company specializing in high end culinary events.

The City's Salad | A Mural For Just Salad

"New York City is a salad bowl: an exciting combination of culture and flavor. The City's Salad is a celebration of diverse traditions that come together in harmony- right here on the Upper West Side, right here in your salad bowl."

The City's Salad is a mural created for Just Salad's new location at 370 Columbus Avenue, in collaboration with Alexandria Casella and Hillary Bell.

Farneti Studio Business and Brand Guide

A dynamic brand book and business guide designed for my friends at Farneti Studio- a handmade ceramics company based in West Lafayette Indiana. 

5 Napkin Burger Rebrand

This is a complete rebrand of 5 Napkin Burger in NYC aiming to reposition the company as an elevated everyday spot while modernizing their appearance.  This project was created in collaboration with Mariyah Bibi and Alexandria Casella. My primary responsibilities were designing the brand book (below), and brand profile- including a mantra, brand ideal, etc.