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City Relief





City Relief’s new modular pop-up is built to be a welcoming addition the New York City community. The flexibility of the pop-up system allows it to fit into various locations including open parks and more condensed alley spaces. 

The design is built around an open layout allowing guests to circulate private lounges to a central communal space that facilitates connection with guests and the community. It features group dining tables, two televisions, and movable poufs and stools. More private lounges are located on either side and allow guests to communicate in small groups or take a moment to themselves. They feature abstract vivid graphics to boost mood and positively stimulate visitors. Each lounge has battery powered dimmable lights as well. In Agencies, Services, and Healthcare areas there are weighted sheer curtain panels that allow guests to choose their own privacy level. This design shows compassion for its guests by giving them control over their environment in subtle ways.


Materiality is key in this design. Aluminum panels and frames keep moving light and setup fast. Recycled weather-treated fabrics and woods are just some of the sustainable materials found throughout the space. The graphic palette was created with comfort in mind. Warm primary colors and wood tones create a welcoming environment without feeling too juvenile. Blue is the dominating color of the space which serves to create a strong branded statement while also creating a tranquil place. The design illustrates the concept of a Third Place, which is a space that is separate from the home (first space) and workplace (second space). It will be where people spend time between the two in a safe space that will embrace people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

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